Salut, it’s great to have you here!

 I am Nina Nerio - Content Creator, Travel Journalist, TV Reporter…you guessed it, I love variety in my life and so I started my own brand „Atelier Nina Nerio“.

Inspired by a trip to Bali, I decided to design and handcraft jewelry for summer souls. Being a summer person myself, my pieces are the perfect fit for days by the sea or sunset walks at the beach.

I know you probably heard that from many brands before but I really put a lot of love, time and thoughts in my creations. Every piece is unique, I made them in late nights at my kitchen table, on rainy Sundays in bed, while sitting in the sun at the lake and I even made a few on the plane the South of France ( fun, but definitely a challenge)

To make sure your new favorite summer jewelry lasts long, I used high quality materials, color lasting pearls and a lot of patience.

I hope your new "Atelier Nina Nerio" piece brings you as much joy to you, as I had while making each necklace.

To endless summers,

Nina 🌞